Growing Together's Mission & Goals 

Originally when Growing Together began tutoring in shelters in September, 1988, our mission was to help shelter residents empower themselves by acquiring the education necessary to become self sufficient. As shelters closed and more people moved to public housing, our program took space, first in a church, and then in a school and public library, and fine-tuned its mission and goals.

Now our mission is to reach children who are working below grade level and/or below their own potential, and give them the academic guidance, direction, and problem-solving techniques to succeed as students and later as adults.

On the recommendation of the U.S. Department of Education, the White House selected Growing Together as one of 11 exemplary tutoring programs nationwide when the America Reads initiative was announced in 1996.  The Greater Washington Urban League chose our executive director to receive a Whitney M. Young Jr. Community Service Award for Excellent Service to Education in 1998.

We have widened the scope of our assistance. Many moderate income families cannot afford professional tutoring fees for enough sessions to meet the needs of their children, especially when more than one child in a family needs help.  Consequently, we provide free tutoring to moderate and low-income families asking only that each family contributes toward the expense they are to us according to their means. No child in need of tutoring is ever turned away for inability to pay.